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Waxing & More

Waxing and Other Specialty Services

For both Men & Women

Consider waxing but still have questions?

Here are some of our favorite reasons for choosing waxing over shaving:
  • Rather than just cutting the hair back, where it can quickly show visible growth, waxing pulls the hair from its roots. Therefore, instead of shaving daily, your waxing appointments can be spread out through a 4-6 week span depending on the rate of hair growth.
  • With shaving, irritation and rashes can occur with sensitive skin. Instead we use a gentle wax on more sensitive areas of skin to prevent this from happening.
  • The more you wax, the slower and finer your hair growth will be. Some barely even notice growth at all!
  • Shaving can leave bumps or raised follicles, waxing creates a smoother and more even result across the skin where the hair is removed.

Here is a list of the waxing services we offer:



Upper Lip






Bikini (women only)


Brazilian (women only)


Half Leg


Full Leg


Half Arm


Full Arm




Back or Chest


Brow Tinting


Lash Tinting


Bottom Wax


Back, Chest or Stomach


Neck Wax


Nose Wax


Missed Appointments

Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation call or text 24 - 48 hours in advance.  You have up to 24 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule, if needed, without having to pay a fee of 50% of the value of the service. If the appointment is cancelled or missed less than 24 hours prior, 50% of the service will be charged to the card on file. Our staff is experienced and valued - communicating a need to cancel as early as possible provides the opportunity to fill that opening.